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Faculty Summer 2018

  • Jonathan Blaustein Taos, NM

    Artist, professor, writer for & the New York Times Lens Blog


  • Jina Brenneman Denver, CO

    Artist, curator, co-director of the documentary film “Agnes Martin: Before the Grid”

  • Debora Hunter Dallas, TX

    Artist, full-time professor, Southern Methodist Univesity (retired)

  • Caleb Cain Marcus Brooklyn, NY

    Artist, book designer, master printer

  • Edward Osowski
    Edward Osowski Houston, TX

    Collector, museum patron, PhD

  • Kyohei Abe BAltimore, MD

    Artist, professor, non-profit executive

  • Alyssa Coppelman Austin, TX

    Photo editor/researcher, writer

  • Jaime Permuth NYC

    Artist/educator, professor @ SVA

  • Susan Worsham Richmond, VA

    Acclaimed photographer, multi-media artist

What & Where

August 10-14, and 17-21 2018

Jonathan Blaustein and Jessie Kaufman invite you to our 60 acre, stream-front horse farm at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, just outside Taos, New Mexico.

We’ve designed a cutting-edge photo retreat program, in which you’ll have the opportunity to push your craft, and recharge your creativity.

Over the course of 5 days and 4 nights, you’ll have individual and group critiques with our world class photo faculty, eat meals with your colleagues and instructors each day, hang out by a bonfire at night under the stars, lounge in hot springs along the Rio Grande River, and much more.

Camping on the property, and 3 meals a day, are included with the cost of your tuition, so this is a social experience, as well as an educational one.

We’ll go hiking to Williams Lake, 11,000 feet above sea level, and photograph along the rim of Rio Grande Gorge, 650 feet above the roaring rapids.

There will be barbecues, of course, and fresh produce from the Taos Farmer’s Market.

Our educational programming includes private tutoring by our faculty, with collective expertise in fine art, editorial and documentary photography, book design, custom printing, writing, teaching, collecting, curating, filmmaking, and philanthropy.

During free time, you can sit on a rock beside the stream and listen to the sound of the Rio Hondo rushing by. Or maybe you’d rather fall asleep in a hammock with the sun on your hair?

Basically, we’ve designed an Antidote to your stressful, urban, freelance lifestyle.

If you’re accepted into the program, (there is no application fee,) by the time you leave, you’ll feel refreshed, energized, and ready to charge into your next big idea.

For more information, please apply through the website, or you can email me directly at

Fulltime Faculty

August 10-14
Jonathan Blaustein
Susan Worsham
Edward Osowski
Jaime Permuth

August 17-21
Jonathan Blaustein
Alyssa Coppelman
Kyohei Abe
Caleb Cain Marcus


Photo Retreat

“Within the first few seconds of visiting the Antidote website, viewing the video, and listening to Jonathan talk about this retreat, I knew I would have to apply to it. It offered the perfect mix of professional development, portfolio reviews, vacation, and networking; all in the beautiful landscape of New Mexico. Both Jonathan and Jessie opened up their home to us and provided us with space to camp, eat, read, and drink much needed cups of coffee.

There is absolutely no portfolio review or retreat that I know of that offers the same degree of access to photography professionals (and collectors) of this caliber. I wholeheartedly recommend this retreat for any photographer looking for an opportunity to spend a long weekend completely immersed in their work, as well as that of their fellow students.”

–Matthew C.


“Jonathan Blaustein is a damn good cook! I mean, really, damn good. He’s that cook that has a recipe down, many I’m assuming, and can just play with cooking. He loves it, it is loved and one can feel this when he shares his cooking with you. I have witnessed this, experienced this; and so, it really is no surprise that when it came to cooking up an amazing photo retreat, Jonathan did so with the same love and natural abilities he applies throughout the kitchen, his photography, his family and the classroom. Antidote is a dish created by a true lover of art, people and life. It is a dish I will gladly order again and I suggest you do the same if you are lucky enough to find it on your menu.

I found Antidote quite by accident. Or, Antidote found me quite by accident. Either way, it was a lucky turn of events for my craft as it profoundly changed my connection to the work and others who truly share the love of photography. The setting is a no brainer, really; Taos New Mexico is a charming and mysterious land for art, adventure and life itself – it can and will change you – which is why so many great artistic adventure-ites chose this magical place to begin with. Add this to an amazing faculty of diverse professionals working through photography in all aspects and you have the foundation for a very special event indeed.

There is no one thing I can point to that made this retreat so special – and to me, that’s because so much of Antidote’s success hinged within it’s so very well rounded capabilities and challenges, professionally – socially – artistically .

Big thanks to everyone, EVERYONE!, what a treat to be with everyone involved and to be involved.

Sign me up for A2 please.”

–Jason M.


“My favorite part of Antidote is difficult to choose as there were so many great aspects of the retreat. The people, the food, the camaraderie etc. I would have to say out of everything, I got the most out of the review process. I really appreciated the opportunity to meet with the reviewers and the opportunity to get feedback from each of their perspectives and areas of expertise. I also enjoyed getting to view and give feedback on the work of my fellow attendees and your students.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my experience a 10.

The whole experience exceeded my expectations. I did not expect to learn as much as I did and I felt really welcomed and valued. I was super nervous coming out to Antidote not ever having participated a photo review or anything like this. It was well worth the trip!!

There was not anything that failed to meet my expectations.

I feel Antidote delivered on the promises made on the website and during my interview.

I really felt each of the teachers was effective and I learned something different from each one.”

–Jessica P.


“It is rare to be in an environment where you can have lengthy, frank conversations with influential people in the photography world without being constrained by time or industry protocol. Antidote was a remarkable experience because it did just this: provide an opportunity to have in-depth conversations with guest faculty that are almost impossible to have in a traditional portfolio review setting. If you choose to go, you are in for a treat. Everything from the hike up to Taos mountain country to the delicious home-cooked meals to the stimulating discussions was remarkable. I would highly recommend this experience to any photographer – whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been at it for years.”

–Gabriel E.

Consulting Network

“I first engaged Jonathan at the beginning of a new long term body of work, which has evolved into my first photographic book. From the beginning, he asked challenging questions about my intentions and vision for the work. Certainly, based on the photographs I showed him at the time, he had reason to wonder where I was going to take it. There is often a distance between where our work is in reality, what is conveying to others, and how we as photographers ourselves view the work.

Jonathan has clarity of vision and thought, a deep background, and a wide range of references and insights to articulate just how to bridge this gap. He sees the big picture, yet can talk about the particulars of the medium as a working artist himself, which I think is a unique place to be coming from. I am grateful for his strategic thinking, friendship and support through the years.”

–Andy R.


“I originally met Jonathan at Photo NOLA 2014. As a reviewer, he stood out as being particularly engaged, and not afraid to debate the pros and cons of my work. The twenty minutes went by much too quickly. Sometime after the event, I learned that Jonathan would do phone consultations with individual photographers. His fee was reasonable and I knew he would be honest.

He began by asking what I wanted to get out of my photography career and he used this information to steer the rest of the conversation. A professional teacher, Jonathan challenged me on several levels and made a number of interesting points that I hadn’t considered fully up to that point.

While Jonathan is very positive by nature, and will gladly point out and acknowledge what he sees as the important strengths in one’s practice, he is also not going to conduct a pep rally during the consult. The best reviews at this level are the ones that come with incisive and objective critiques mixed in with positive comments and I felt that Jonathan excelled on all counts. I definitely came out of this experience with a number of new ideas and concepts to think about and feel that this was one of the best investments I’ve made in my photography practice.”

–Ben M.


“I met Jonathan a couple years ago at a time when I was having difficulties with my personal and professional work. I’ve called on Jonathan when I’ve gotten stuck, or had questions pertaining to showcasing my work or business concerns. Jonathan has challenged me, and his insights have been invaluable to the progression of my new and ongoing projects. I truly appreciate both Jonathan’s perspective and guidance, and am looking forward to developing our relationship.”

–Andre A.

Event Schedule

Antidote Photo Retreat
August 10-14, and 17-21 2018
Glamping included: $1650
Standard rate, all inclusive: $1450
Rate w/o accommodations: $1150
Student/Adjunct Educator rate: $550 (Max 3 per retreat)

Schedule (subject to change)

Day 1

4-6pm: Students arrive
6-9pm: Dinner & campfire

Day 2

8-9am: Breakfast
9am-12pm: Individual 30 minute portfolio reviews
12pm-1pm: Lunch
1-5pm: Taos Ski Valley/Williams Lake Hike
5-6pm: Free time
6-9pm: Dinner & campfire

Day 3

8-9am: Breakfast
9am-12pm: Group critique
12-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Gorge Bridge & West Rim Trail
3-6pm: Free time
6-9pm: Dinner & campfire

Day 4

8-9am: Breakfast
9am-12pm: Hotsprings and Rio Grande swim
12-1pm: Lunch
1-4pm: Instructor lectures
4-6pm: Free time
6-9pm: Dinner & campfire

Day 5

8-10am: Breakfast
10am: Students depart

Apply To Attend Antidote Photo Retreat


All instructors are available for professional development education, via phone, Skype, or in-person consultations. The standard rate for all faculty is $125/hour.

Kyohei Abe -(Baltimore)- artist, professor, Executive Director @ Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography, fluent in Japanese

Myrtille Beauvert -(NYC)- PR and Communications expert, fluent in French

Jonathan Blaustein -(Taos)- artist, Antidote founder, writer @ & the NYT Lens blog

Alyssa Coppelman -(Austin)- photo editor, picture researcher @ Harper’s and Oxford American, writer @

Scott B. Davis -(San Diego)- artist, curator, Director @ the Medium Festival of Photography

Genevieve Fussell -(NYC)- Senior Photo Editor @ The New Yorker

Patrice Helmar -(NYC)- artist, curator, professor @ Columbia University & Pratt Institute

Erin Hoyt -(Chicago)- successful wedding photographer, entrepreneur, Director of Operations @ Filter Photo Festival

Caleb Cain Marcus -(NYC)- artist, master printer, Acquisitions Editor @ Damiani Publishing

Edward Osowski -(Houston)- photography collector, museum patron, PhD

Jaime Permuth -(NYC)- artist/educator professor @ SVA & the NYFA, fluent in Spanish & French

Amy Silverman -(Oakland)- Photo Editor @ Wired Magazine